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Application Design & Development :  
Applications help run businesses. A well defined and thought out application make businesses run that much more efficiently. We develop applications which are web (browser) based, mobile based, or customized solutions.  

Browser based Applications – these are applications that can be accessed using a browser as part of a companywide Intranet or the Internet.

Customized Applications – Applications which are very specific to a business or process and are used by a single user or group of users. These applications can be installed on specific machines or can be based on internal network of a business.

Mobile Applications – Mobile and yet connected!
There is a rapid proliferation of mobile technology in our day to day lives. The mobile devices are getting faster, cost-effective, with enhanced-capabilities. Many companies are at cross roads on how to utilize this disruptive technology and thereby improve their connect with the customers and also with their own employees.

Though the mobile phones themselves have come a long way in terms technology evolution and innovation, the adoption of the same for building and improving efficiencies has not kept pace with these advances.
We at AARNA Technologies would like to work with you in order to see how we can utilize this new superior technology and create some products which go beyond just messaging driven applications.

Following is our simple approach to creating solutions which is use for all types of developments.

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